Maybelline – William Chan

Maybelline New York 美寶蓮紐約代言人 William Chan 陳偉霆

Maybelline NY Tmall

William Chan X Maybelline (300+ Related Photos on Pinterest!)


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Photos of William Chan Wai-Ting
Photo Credit: William威廉陈伟霆 weibo
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Photo Credit: 美宝莲旗舰店 weibo
Background Photo in PC Version


Photo Credit: William威廉陈伟霆 weibo


Photo Credit: 八哥专用 weibo


Photos from #告白陈伟霆# weibo tag


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Photo Credit: 美宝莲纽约 weibo
Limited Edition 1
Limited Edition 2 & Signed Edition
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Photo Credit: 星娱乐网 weibo
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Be My Queen

Note: William’s fans are called 女皇 (“Queens”); fans nickname came from his song 女皇

GIF from 美宝莲纽约 weibo

New York Times Square Billboard Special Version
Exclusively on Valentine’s Day 2017

GIF from Maybelline NY WeChat

GIF from 八哥专用 weibo
Fans in the center!


About Bilibili Videos: to turn off on-screen comments, click on the little icon that looks like dialog box at the bottom right corner of the video (next to the progress bar; for mobile users, touch on the video if the bar doesn’t appear)

Video 1 – Be My Queen 敢不敢 – Behind The Scenes

HD version not available; check out Marie Claire’s BTS video for more

[Alt Link 1]
[Alt Link 2]
[Alt Link 3]
[Alt Link 4]

Video 2 – Mobile H5 Ad 陈伟霆壁咚女皇

Full version not available and the one on Youtube is slightly shorter than other ones except SP version

[Alt Link 1]
[Alt Link 2]
[Special Version]
[Special Version Alt Link]

Maybelline Shine Compulsion Lipstick 美宝莲小灯管唇膏

Video 3 – 45-second Full Version

[Alt Link 1]
[Alt Link 2]
[Alt Link 3]

Super Cushion Ultra Cover BB Cushion 超然无瑕轻垫霜黑金气垫BB霜

Video 4 – Behind The Scenes Video Part 1 & 2

The Powder Mattes 全新雾感哑光唇膏系列

Video 5 – 20-second TVC – Mixed Version
[Alt Link 1]
[Alt Link 2]

Video 6 – TVC on New York Times Square

Basically they were rotating the 15s TVCs with fans appearing in between. Fancam version is slightly longer, again, full version is not available. 15-second Video
[Alt Link]

Video 7 – 15-second TVC – 女皇 Queen R09PM
[Alt Link 1 ]
[Alt Link 2]

Video 8 – 15-second TVC – 撕 P14PM
[Alt Link 1]
[Alt Link 2]

Video 9 – 15-second TVC – 撩 R10PM
[Alt Link 1]
[Alt Link 2]

Video 10 – 15-second TVC – 高冷 N08PM
[Alt Link 1]
[Alt Link 2]


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