[2017/06/17] William Chan at Shanghai International Film Festival: Photos & Fanpics

Genghis Khan 戰神紀
Shanghai International Film Festival 2017
Shanghai Jun 17, 2017

Photos of William Chan Wai-Ting
Photo Credit: w-Daily weibo
[Direct Link to Photo 1]
[Direct Link to Photo 2]

Photo Credit: 上海威斯汀大饭店 weibo


Photo Credit: 陈伟霆粉丝后援会 weibo

Photo Credit: NEXTDOOR1121_陈伟霆图博 weibo

Photo Credit: W-LL霆仔 weibo

[More Related Photos] See https://www.pinterest.com/xinlaidelizi/william-chan-genghis-khan-战神纪-press-conferences/

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Genghis Khan 2017

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