[2016/08/08] William Chan Airport Fashion: Fanpics

Flying from Hefei to Beijing
Date Taken: 2016-08-08

Photos of William Chan Wai-Ting
Photo Credit: 威廉噶宝贝灰er weibo

Photo Credit: PAPA_只对陈等等氵亏 weibo

Photo Credit: -CaTJ weibo

Photo Credit: 陈伟霆光影印象馆 weibo

Photo Credit: 一直在你身边_Yi weibo

Photo Credit: 三路Monster_W weibo
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Get The Look

William Chan Airport Style: August 2016


William has many nicknames, 兔兔 (“bunny”) is one of them. Another frequently used nickname is 飽飽. Literally, it means “full” , but its real meaning should be “baby”. William mispronounced it by mistake back in 2015 and since then fans (and also media) began to call him by this mispronounced word. If you understand Chinese, see Baidu for more http://baike.baidu.com/item/饱饱/19291036. By the way, fans love to give him all kinds of gifts, so don’t be surprised to see him holding bunny soft toys, below is a gift he received from fans while filming Lost Love in Times (Bunny+Baby)…

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合肥到北京 | 2016年8月8日 |
Airport Fashion | Airport Style | 機場街拍 | 機場時尚 | 机场街拍 | 机场时尚 |
William Chan Wai-Ting | 陳偉霆 | 陈伟霆 | Chen Wei Ting | ウィリアム・チャン | 진위정 | เฉินเหว่ยถิง | Trần Vỹ Đình | Уильям Чан |


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