Lost Love in Times: More Behind The Scenes Photos of William Chan

Photo of William Chan with director Leung Sing-Kuen (梁勝權 / 梁胜权 / Liang Shengquan)

剧版醉玲珑 weibo [2017-1-16]

For those who didn’t know, it is the fourth time they work together after “The Four” (少年四大名捕), “Swords of Legends” (古劍奇譚) and “The Mystic Nine” (老九門 / Lao Jiu Men / Old Nine Gates).

More Photos of William Chan

WPlanW weibo [2017-1-4]

Here comes the video from Sina of William Chan answering fans’ questions, sharing his thoughts & some behind the scenes tidbits when filming this drama, and which I’m not going to translate……


William Chan Wai-Ting | 陳偉霆 | 陈伟霆 | Chen Wei Ting | ウィリアム・チャン | 진위정 | เฉินเหว่ยถิง | Trần Vỹ Đình |
Lost Love In Times | 醉玲瓏 | 醉玲珑 | Zui Ling Long | 취영롱 | Túy Linh Lung |
Yuan Ling | 元凌 |




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