Lost Love in Times Yuan Ling & Feng Qingchen Posters ~ 陳偉霆醉玲瓏 진위정 취영롱

Latest posters of William Chan (Yuan Ling 元凌 together with Feng Qingchen 凤卿尘)

剧版醉玲珑 weibo [2017-1-9]

剧版醉玲珑 weibo [2016-11-4]

William Chan Wai-Ting | 陳偉霆 | 陈伟霆 | Chen Wei Ting | ウィリアム・チャン | 진위정 | เฉินเหว่ยถิง | Trần Vỹ Đình |
Lost Love In Times | 醉玲瓏 | 醉玲珑 | Zui Ling Long | 취영롱 | Túy Linh Lung |

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